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    • About The CPCU 540 Exam

    • Formulas & Tables Accessible During the Exam

    • Formulas NOT Provided During the Exam

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    • Lecture Introduction

    • Insurer Investment Portfolio Management

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    • Practice Questions


  • Why are there two available versions of this chapter?

    In July 2018, the Institutes updated their textbook, releasing the 3rd edition. The 3rd edition has a lot in common with the 2nd edition of the book, albeit with a few key differences in chapter numbering and one entirely new chapter on Financial Markets & Institutions.

  • Why are you still offering the 2nd edition version of the course?

    The CPCU still offers students the ability to take the exam based off of the 2nd edition version of the textbook. We received requests to keep the 2nd edition of the course available for this reason.

  • I accidently purchased the wrong edition of the course. What do I do now?

    If you mistakenly purchased the wrong edition of a course, or a bundle of courses, send an email to explaining the situation and we will get you enrolled in the correct version of the course.